Offering a full software lifecycle service from concept to commissioning for PowerBuilder systems and applications, as well as protecting the existing investments and ensuring future value is achieved. Increasingly, a PowerBuilder application lifecycle starts at the Development phase, as many Agile approaches promote. Leveraging PowerBuilder's inherent rapid application development techniques, such as prototyping and proof of concepts, working software is quickly delivered to users.

Appeon’s continued support and enhancement of PowerBuilder has re-invigorated the position of PowerBuilder as a user-friendly application platform, that deploys working applications rapidly. Organisations are taking a fresh look at PowerBuilder as they upgrade their PowerBuilder technology stack to address the end of life of previous PowerBuilder versions. Web and mobile enablement as well as basic extensions are common bespoke activities.

OCS' PowerBuilder teams have a vast range of skills, experience and domain expertise used to collaborate in OCS' partnership based model to achieve the outcomes required quickly, effectively and efficiently, whilst building a knowledge base to aid future activities.

OCS is always open and welcoming of new projects, so....