PowerBuilder is for many organisations a forgotten technology. Over time, the organisation's capacities, skills and experience are often lost in their entirety. PowerBuilder applications are supported as and when by externals and brought in as required. Having spent years as a forgotten technology, PowerBuilder has re-emerged and with the adoption by Appeon, and is now fully supported and regularly enhanced, with PowerBuilder 2017 R3 and 2019 R3 being long term support versions.  So sustaining PowerBuilder applications now needs some specialist PowerBuilder engineers.

OCS has extensive experience of migrating PowerBuilder applications, including upgrading databases, database drivers and PowerBuilder to ensure that PowerBuilder applications can continue to be deployed on manufacturer supported infrastructure.

When bringing in PowerBuilder resources, consideration for the changing landscape and the revitalisation of PowerBuilder is required.  Ad-hoc one-off technical resource may solve individual requirements but leave the organisation with gaps in continuity, responsiveness and user engagement. Staffing, whether via recruitment or cross-training, is tricky to initiate and more difficult to sustain.  A specialist PowerBuilder consultancy such as OCS Consulting provides sustainability, responsiveness, continuity and user engagement.  All this without the organisation needing to take on the challenge of re-introducing PowerBuilder into its IT employee capacity.

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