OCS Consulting can offer migration to later versions, including the latest version of Appeon PowerBuilder 2022. Prior to your migration, OCS offers end-to-end support and advice from licensing to deployment.

At OCS, we have performed many migrations and are experienced in dealing with discontinued features, and issues found on later operating systems. OCS have experience of migrating from PowerBuilder 5.5 to the latest version 2022 and are able to offer an initial consultancy assignment to provide a detailed migration report explaining the steps before proceeding with the migration. 

After migration, we will undertake comprehensive testing, so the application is ready for User Acceptance Testing, with particular consideration to OCX controls, other 3rd party controls, built in web browser controls, legacy API calls depending on integrations used within the application.

Things to be aware of during migrations to later versions of PB:

  • OCX Controls
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Window API calls
  • PDF Printing
  • Batch Processes
  • Multithreaded processing
  • Integration of source controls
  • Single sign on
  • Information Reporting
  • Richtext controls.

During these legacy migrations, it is also very common that legacy databases are being used, this again is something OCS can assist with, the back-end database migration usually goes hand-in-hand with the migration of the PowerBuilder application.

Contact OCS to discuss how we can assist with your upgrade and migration requirements.