OCS can apply our knowledge and experience to every database that runs alongside your PowerBuilder applications. From Sybase and Oracle to SQL, we can assist.

Database Support

Whatever your need, from upgrading your database as part of a PowerBuilder upgrade to supporting the move to the latest servers we have decades of experience to call on.

As part of our support, upgrade or development packages, we can help with the applications alongside the databases in the same agreement.

SQL Server

Microsoft certified professionals


We have decades of Sybase experience


Oracle accredited employees, DBAs/Developers/Analyst Programmers/Oracle Data integrator (ODI) specialists

SQL, Sybase and Oracle benefits while using OCS

Cost-effective and competitive fee structures

Knowledge sharing, skill transfer and continuity of service

OCS consultants are experienced in a range of business sectors and processes with broad domain knowledge.

Our teams work collaboratively in an agile environment whether this be in a fully data-focused project or as part of a full PowerBuilder project.

Contact the team today for a friendly chat about your database needs.