February 2021

Appeon have released PowerBuilder 2019 R3, the latest LTS version, has been released with numerous new features for both PowerScript projects and C# projects.

What's new in PowerBuilder 2019 R3

OCS PowerBuilder Services have downloaded and installed the new version for one of it's long-standing clients.

If you are looking for PowerBuilder Support please contact us.

April 2020

Appeon announced the general availability of PowerBuilder 2019 R2. Continues bringing revolutionary new features to modernize PowerBuilder application UI, functionality, and architecture. Appeon has developed the first-ever PowerScript-to-C# code converter, which can automatically migrate 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic and DataWindows to C#. The migrated code can be automatically scaffolded into C# REST APIs. PowerScript client app development is also enhanced with .NET interoperability and new UI controls. More info: 

November 2020

This year Appeon's Elevate Conference will be a 2 day digital conference hosted online 16th - 17th November.

OCS, having attended  previous Elevate Conferences can confirm that this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, code and experience with the Appeon Community.

We hope to see you virtually in November.

For more information visit:

Swiss User Group

Held in Zurich on 14th June 2018, the Swiss PowerBuilder User Group was an intimate and very informative gathering of PowerBuilder users keen to hear from Appeon's CEO, Armeen Mazda and Bruce Armstrong on the forthcoming PowerBuilder 2017 and 2018 releases as well as being provided with the opportunity to feedback on experiences to date working with the new PowerBuilder 2017. 

A thoroughly effective, enjoyable and learning experience. Germany had a similar event a few days earlier with a larger audience.

We need to have one for the UK, who are the second largest user base of PowerBuilder in Europe.