As an employee-based organisation the benefits of using OCS is that you have access to a highly skilled pool of consultants who can be provided for short durations such as a day, several days, or for longer-term commitment either full or part-time with continuity of service.  We listen to your requirements and provide our Consultants and Developers to match your technical and operational needs to support you in your business delivery.  Below is a brief overview of our current employee availability.

PowerBuilder Developer (PB 6.5 to 12.6, SQL Server, Oracle, .NET)

Having joined OCS Consulting in June 1998, providing application development and support capabilities, based on PowerBuilder application development language operating on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 relational databases. Additionally, has undertaken web based development using Microsoft technologies and specific manual and automated testing assignments. 

.NET Developer / .NET Analyst Programmer (c#, SQL, Azure)

A very experienced, versatile and Agile Analyst Developer, who has assisted with enhancing and extending a number of components that interface with PowerBuilder applications. Most recently using MVC development with .NET 4.5 and SharePoint to expand workflow and document management. Also developed Android based applications using Java in Eclipse and has been working with Microsoft Azure. A successful team leader, who excels in collaboration and co-operation to facilitate getting the best from the team. 


Business Analyst
BCS Cert. in BA

An experienced BA with project management skills and a strong track record in consultancy within Telecoms, Energy, Banking and Charity organisations. Originally an analyst programmer doing RAD based development using PowerBuilder and other 4GL tools, he has built upon his analysis skills to hone his business analyst capabilities. Strong documentation and understanding of business needs and processes, translating into clear specifications at the level required, which considers the audience  Able to be informal and take the business representative role within an Agile sprint lead project. 

Test Analyst
ISTQB Certified Professional

An experienced. committed and thorough Test Analyst with a detailed understanding of requirements and providing estimates to enable resource planning. Building upon his development background initially in C and later in PowerBuilder and .NET, his functional and database testing is impressive and efficient. Able to undertake all levels of testing, including Functional, Black Box and White Box testing, Usability, User Acceptance, Integration, Performance, Load and Regression Testing. Agile Methodology and experience of Mobile app and Web Application testing.